Saturday, March 26, 2011

Top turned Dress

Here is a top I made for Imogen out of the Ottobre Magazine turned out a bit bigger than I thought it would be.So I made a pair of matching nappy pants with ruffles on the bum(of course) and turned it into a dress. But havn't got photos of her in the as well nappy pants as well. Fabric is from the November books by Kokka.

These photos are taken with my new camera a Panasonic Lumix in blue. I have to get used to it yet and am still learning how to use all the settings but am loving it so far it is a nice point and shoot.

On another note I am without sewing machine this week and am very surprised at how lost I feel without out it I won't get it back for another week yet. I don't know what I am going to do without it I know why I have taken so long to nother to get it serviced. The bonus is that when I get it back it shall be as good as new so I can't wait.

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