Saturday, January 15, 2011

7 Months

My baby girl Imogen Joy we have reached the 7 mth mark already it makes me sad to think that we are over half way to your birthday. I know it is always said that it goes to fast and they grow up to quick but I just don't know were the time has gone. It feels like only yesterday that I was hoping and praying that you would get out of me as I was over the pain of being pregnant and wanted you to be here.

In these past 7 mths you have learnt so much and you have learnt it all to quick for your mumma. I was hoping you would stay little for a bit longer but you have had other ideas. You have learnt how to crawl, stand and walk around the furniture. You enjoy follow your big sister down the hallway to play in her room. Matilda calls "baby sister come on in my room to play" and you race down the hall after her.

Your favourite thing at the moment is to blow raspberries at everyone or to see how loudly you can squeal, mumma is expecting your next thing will be talking. You have two bottom teeth and you are eating some solids but mainly just fruit as you are not a fan of veggies at this stage. You constantly try to steal your sisters food when she is in reach and usually you are quick enough to get it.

We have been doing some self settling with you and it is amazing how quickly you have picked it up and are putting yourself to sleep most of the time. Which is great for mumma and daddy as you have gone back to sleeping all night again.

So to my beautiful Imogen Joy take your time you don't  need to learn everything at once and you don't need to catch up with your sister. Mumma is so happy to have you as my baby.

Cheeky Thing crawling down the Hallway.

Standing up and walking with her pram and baby.

Immy decided she was going swimming like the big kids.

Mmm yum leaves and a bit of dirt lucky your so cute.

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