Monday, January 24, 2011

The week that was!!!

This past week started of as a normal week we went to library and did all the housework. We had lots of crafting going on from finishing hats for myself and a friend to finally finishing Matilda's quilt (will do another post on that). Imogen started to talk her first word is bub daddy was so hoping for dad and mumma is just glad it wasn't dad again.

We then finished the week by flying to Brisbane to say good bye to my best friend and her hubby as the are off to London for 1 yr (so going to miss them even though we don't see each other all the time). So we took Imogen on her first plane ride which she loved. Her big sister on the other hand was not quite as well behaved.

Imogen enjoying her first plane ride.

My girls on the plane.
We then spent the weekend bbqing, swimming at one of the water parks, ten pin bowling and just catching up with everyone. Immy stood up for a seconds by herself not holding on to anything I am not ready for her to start walking but I don't think it will to far away.

Matilda enjoying the water park slide.

Daddy took Tilda on the big slide she did not enjoy it and daddy ended up with a small injury.

Me and my baby swimming at the water park.

She was so tired from all the swimming slept for the rest of the afternoon.

Immy and aunty Meg at the bowling alley.

Uncle Pete and Aunty Meg helping Tilda bowl.

Aunty Meg helping Tilda bowl.

Matilda and daddy having a go on the racing cars.

Imogen sleeping again.

We then jumped back on the plane sunday arvo to head home. Immy spent the flight home sleeping and Matilda was a lot better behaved. We had a great weekend and cant believe it will be at least a whole year till we see them again. Well at least time goes by quick and there is always skype.

Immy asleep on the floor at Jill and Charles place.

P.S remember to place your bid on my auction and all the others going on as bidding finishes at 9pm tonight. So dig deep and bid big.

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